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What is Myntkaup?

How do I deposit funds into my Myntkaup account?

Do you have an app?

What cryptocurrencies do you have on offer?

Is Myntkaup always open? Can I deposit funds and trade at any time?

Is Myntkaup safe?

How do I withdraw my funds from my Myntkaup account?

Does Myntkaup file your crypto assets for you in you tax return?

If I have crypto tokens on my Myntkaup account and I want to convert them into ISK and deposit them to my bank account, how do I do that?

What is Bitcoin?

Where can I see how much I pay in fees for my trades?

Does Myntkaup have hidden fees?

Why should I use Myntkaup instead of foreign crypto trading platforms?

Is Myntkaup a supervised company?

What is a cold wallet and how do I transfer my crypto tokens on my Myntkaup account to a cold wallet?

I intend to deposit a large sum of funds to my Myntkaup account, can I get a better rate than according to the fee structure?